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Finding my routes at Climb So iLL.

James Santos

Data Analyst, REALTOR®
(732) 501-3148

About James

James Santos is a full-time REALTOR® that grew up around real estate. It was a bit of a family business for him with his mother as a real estate agent and his father working with mortgages. Getting a degree in Mathematics & Statistics reinforced a passion for details and numbers. In 2011, seeking a more dynamic career, he took a dive into real estate where the next day is never the same as the previous.
James thrives with knowledge and data in order to keep you informed on what is the best route for selling a house you've come to love and enjoy or buying a new one to call home. He wants to help you understand the market and negotiate the best terms for you while minimizing the complications and keeping it a stress-free process. Taking an honest approach, he is not one to sugarcoat things or embellish just to force a deal. He seeks to create a long-term relationship where you can put your trust in him to get you through one of the biggest decisions and processes in your life.
Be it a first-time home buyer, upgrading to a larger home, downsizing after retirement, relocating, rentals, or finding that investment property, James can help you find a home for you and accomplish your real estate pursuits, dreams, and goals.


Park — Tower Grove Park
Food — Sushi. No wait, pizza... New England Lobster rolls! Ok there's far too many amazing foods out there...
Beverage — Coffee! I make a great pour over. Though, it's honestly hard to beat a refreshing cold water
Travel Experience — England, Philippines, Greece, Canada, Hawaii, Saint John VI
Hobbies — Rock climbing, hiking, camping, skiing. Just let me wander a bit outdoors
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